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The 7 Ways This Night Light Can Help Your Baby Will Totally Surprise You!

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If you’re already a mom, run out and get this immediately, it will save you whatever sanity you still cling onto. If you’re a mom-to-be, put this on your baby registry and you’ll enjoy a great start to parenthood. If you know someone who’s having a baby, get this for them at their baby shower and they’re soooooo gonna love you forever!

We’re talking about the all-new Bjingles Smart Baby Night Light of course. What? A night light? We hear your scepticism but be prepared, this is going to bowl you over.

It helps your unborn baby’s development

That’s right, we’re talking in vitro! The Bjingles Smart Baby Night Light easily syncs with the Bjingles app, allowing you to place your smartphone on your belly and play jingles for your baby to enjoy. It even has a record function so you can record songs that are meaningful to you, or even Mummy and Daddy’s voices singing or talking to baby to get him/her familiar with what to expect when he/she comes out!

It tracks your pregnancy in a fun way

The Bjingles app also comes with two features to take tummy pictures with fun filters and to create a pregnancy photo album that you can share with friends and family. You can even use these as a quirky birth announcement!

It takes away your stress of knowing when to do what

One of the most amazing things about this not-just-a-night-light night light, is that it comes packed with a baby sleep scheduling feature. On the Bjingles app, you can set alarms for all the different activities involved with your baby, such as feeding time, nap time, wakey wakey time, play time, snack time, sleepy time… and this amazing baby alarm clock will let you know when it’s time! No more looking frantically at the clock every 5 minutes so that you don’t miss getting baby’s routine down pat.

It makes them feel comforted at night

This is where the night light really shines (get it?). Babies can sometimes feel anxiety when the lights in their room go off and this is especially so during the separation anxiety phases they go through. A night light feels reassuring in the dark, and coupled with the Bjingles app playing the soothing sounds of Mummy or Daddy singing lullabies, effectively lulls babies into restful sleep. But the light can’t be so bright that it keeps baby awake, thus the Bjingles Smart Baby Night Light emits just the right amount of soft glowy light in soothing shades that support healthy production of sleepy hormone melatonin in your little one.

It means good sleep for baby

Not only does it lull baby to sleep, but it ensures a restful night all the way till morning. When baby wakes in the middle of the night, it’s recommended that parents do what they need to do with the least interaction possible and without turning on the room light so as not to put baby into “play mode” but keep them firmly in “sleep mode”. Having a night light like this one in the room allows you to comfort baby, feed them milk and watch their responses while not disrupting their sleep pattern.

It means more sleep for you!

The Bjingles Smart Baby Night Light allows you to set a gentle alarm clock for baby and even your toddler so that they know when it’s time to wake up, and if they rise earlier than the alarm, know how to put themselves back to sleep because it’s not yet time to start the day. This can really help in sleep training your child so they get more sleep – and while they do, so do you! We know all moms would be thankful for even an extra 15 minutes of sleep!

It’s their trusty companion through the years

The Bjingles Smart Baby Night Light works wonders for your kids when they’re babies, but it doesn’t stop there. You may use the baby night light from birth sitting beside them in bed singing or reading to them, but when they’re older and can read on their own, they know their trusty companion is right there beside them as their bedside reading lamp now. Sometimes it’s something like that that gives children all the confidence to start and end their day well.

Don’t these 7 reasons simply show that this night light really knocks it out of the park? Who knew you could buy one product and find it helping you in so many ways while you navigate the choppy but exciting waters of parenthood! So think no longer and choose the Bjingles Smart Baby Night Light. As any parent will tell you, if it helps, get it!