Mom to be


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From aww-ing over that little thing on that first ultrasound screen, to sending out your pregnancy announcements, you might be feeling ecstatic as a mom-to-be. But with the early stages of pregnancy being pretty tough on you physically and emotionally (and barfing every day doesn’t help either!), you might feel somewhat disconnected to your baby. You might also feel slightly overwhelmed by all these new changes, especially if you’re expecting your first, and might struggle to feel excited about Baby.

Don’t worry! That’s all really normal, and 9 months is time enough for you to get started on bonding with your unborn baby before he or she pops out! Making the effort to bond with Baby early while they are still in utero actually helps you develop your identity as a mom and a stronger attachment with your newborn. Here are some ways you can reach out (or reach in!) and get in touch with your little person.


It may seem silly but there is a science to this! According to Carista Luminare-Rosen, founder and co-director of The Center for Creative Parenting in California, “Prenates can see, hear, feel, remember, taste, and think before birth.” As early as 18 weeks, your baby’s hearing starts tuning in to mommy’s heartbeat and then to your lovely voice. Because Baby grows inside you and is so used to all the womb and heartbeat sounds, you can record your womb sounds with the Bjingles Baby Heartbeat Monitor, and play it back to help soothe your newborn. Hearing your voice – and it doesn’t matter what you say but your tone of voice – helps Baby feel attached to you quickly, which is why your voice can later also calm your newborn down because it’s something familiar and comforting to him or her.


If singing isn’t your thing, you can also play music, and don’t worry, your little one can hear it from his amniotic fluid acoustic chamber! Musicologists believe that babies respond well to low-frequency, calming rhythms which mimic mommy’s heart rate and provide a harmonious environment to grow in. That’s why classical music like Mozart and Vivaldi are so popular amongst prenatal music. But don’t be afraid to share your favourite songs or even a wide variety of genres from country to jazz. The Bjingles Baby Heartbeat Monitoring system comes with its own app with a range of jingles to choose from that you can play to Baby by holding your phone close to your belly. He or she might even respond with an approving kick! You can continue playing these jingles even after your little one is born. Studies show that babies can recognize music they’ve heard in the womb after they’re born, especially if they’ve heard it often, like their own personal theme song.


It might seem like a one-way street in terms of communicating with Baby, but don’t forget, you can still listen to Baby even if he or she can’t yet talk back. The Bjingles Baby Heartbeat Monitor allows you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat, even his or her little hiccups and kicks, anytime you wish to and in the comfort of your own home. What’s more, it comes with a set of headsets and a set of earbuds, so Daddy can get in on some Daddy-baby bonding time! After all, Daddy’s excited too after seeing that little thing on the doctor’s screen. With the computer recording cable that comes with it, you can also record all those exciting first sounds of Baby and share them with family and friends. You might be the only one feeling the kicks, but at least everyone else can share on hearing them!

Talking, singing, and playing music not only creates a peaceful, calm environment for your baby but sends them the message that they are wanted and loved. And when Baby comes out and hears your voice outside the womb for the first time, they might even look at you in an acknowledging way that says, “Hey, it’s you! I know you!” So enjoy your pregnancy period and happy bonding with Baby!