Smart Baby Night Light

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Model Number: BJL-885
Comes with a FREE Bjingles Music and White Noise to be downloaded from Android and Apple Stores.

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Product Description
The Ideal Cool to Touch LED Night Light

Benefits and Features

Peaceful and Serene Environment: Bjingles Smart Baby Night Light is the perfect one touch LED night light for any baby’s, toddler’s or a bigger child’s room, that creates a serene and peaceful ambience for your baby for an ideal restful sleep, and feel refreshed the next day. The best feature of the device is that it connects with your smartphone’s Bluetooth, and allows you to play beautiful music whenever your baby or you have the mood for it. This product is also available on Amazon.

Customize the Brightness: Its wonderful feature of customizing for a baby’s room as well as a toddler’s, and a bigger child, as you can customize the brightness, hues, as well as the soft musical sounds that your children may like.

Ideal for Night Time Feedings: Another very pleasing aspect of it is that, as its light is so soft, it is perfect for using for night time feedings and diaper changes.

Stays Cool to the Touch: Bjingles Smart Baby Night Light provides comfort and reassurance to growing toddlers as it can stay on all night safely, and stay cool to the touch

Includes a Cool Bonus –Our Bjingles App- known as “ Be Pregnant with Style”

Enjoy its great features-One that you will really adore is the relaxing music, and the white noise, which can be enjoyed through the night light’s speaker, as it is Bluetooth enabled, with your smartphone, or other IOS or Android devices. The music and the white noise can be played through the Bjingles App, using any other medium available online, and enjoy listening to it, while you see the night light twinkling as the rhythms change.

Another great feature of it is that it allows you to set alarms for different functions of the baby, like medicine time, nap time, lunch time or playtime and any other tasks that you can think of.

Its picture taking feature gives you the capability to take fun pictures, and its recording ability allows you to record special messages like Mom’s and Dad’s voices or lullabies, and play them for your baby.

A Pregnancy and Baby Album is a great feature of the Bjingles App, as it allows you to create a pregnancy album which you can share with your friends and family.

Package Includes:

  • Bjingles Smart Baby Night Light
  • A Charging Cable
  • A Colored User Manual


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