Bjingles Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

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Model Number: BJL-665
Comes with a FREE Bjingles Music App to be downloaded from Android and Apple Stores.

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Product Description

Enjoy our Bjingles Pregnancy Wedge Pillow for sound sleep, luxurious support and complete relaxation.

Benefits and Features

Bjingles Pregnancy Wedge Pillow-A Perfect Answer to Your Pregnancy Discomfort.

2 Sided Pillow for Maximum Comfort- Side 1 has Soft Memory Foam, and Side 2 has Firmer Support Foam. Just flip the pillow any time, anyway, based on your needs and desires.

Provides Appropriate Belly Support while Sitting, Relaxing or Sleeping. Helps with reduction of swelling in legs, hands and feet. Relieves back tension and any stress associated with it. Versatile wedge pillow, that can be used for back and knee support. Great for relieving nerve pain and leg numbness experienced during pregnancy.

Brings out the Beauty of the Pillow with A Plush Velboa Pillowcase- an extremely soft fabric which is durable and washable that is just wonderful. You will really love it.

Perforated Foam Layer for Keeping the Pillow Cool and Cozy, and encourage airflow to reduce moisture build-up and help control your body temperature.

Travel in Style with Your Bjingles Wedge Pillow with its Own Carry on Bag. Take it anywhere you like and enjoy the convenience of not dealing with the large body pillows that are extremely awkward and difficult to carry around.

Includes a cool bonus: Our Bjingles Wedge Pillow comes with its own Bjingles App which allows you to

  • 1) Play beautiful jingles and white noise for a relaxing sleep for you and your baby
  • 2) Record and Play Special Messages or Lullabies or Daddy’s voice, for your baby
  • 3) Take Pregnancy Pictures
  • 4) Enjoy its “Mom to be Album” feature to create a Pregnancy Album which you can share with your Friends and Family
  • 5) Set Alarms for various tasks to be done for your baby


  • a) Pillow with plush Velboa pillowcase
  • b) White Travel bag
  • c) A PVC zippered bag with handles
  • d) The Bjingles App to download from the App Stores


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