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Pregnancy Facts that will Surprise You

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Pregnancy is an incredible time for any mom-to-be, but also a very mysterious time, as you wonder just what is going on inside as your body is busy making a baby. You might have read about all the things that pregnant women may experience while going through those three trimesters. But here are some intriguing nuggets of truth about babies in the womb that you might not have read in your handy pregnancy handbook.

Babies can actually taste what their mother eats

This is probably something you’ve ever wondered before, especially when you tried something really strong-tasting! Just like what cows eat can affect the flavour of their milk, studies show that really strong flavours like garlic and curry can actually pass through to your amniotic fluid, so it’s almost like your baby is having what you’re having for lunch! Some babies have also preferred some foods that their mother had eaten frequently while she was pregnant. Is this perhaps a good time to start chowing down more broccoli, carrot and other veggies so your baby will like them too? Studies show that it just might shape their food preferences later!

Babies do actually drink their own pee

From the second trimester onwards, babies actually do pee in the womb. Yes, you’re walking around carrying a baby plus a lot of pee! They can even pee up to 1 liter a day! To make things sound worse, they actually drink this, and then pee it out again. And again and again… You get the picture. In fact, by week 20 the amniotic fluid inside you is mostly sterile urine. Unfortunately as gross as this sounds, it’s not like you could give your baby a diaper in there!

Babies do cry in the womb

Ever wonder why the first instance babies start crying, they already seem to be pros at it? Well, it’s because they’ve been doing a lot of practising while still inside? By studying their breathing patterns, scientists have concluded that babies do a lot of practice crying in the womb. And naturally so, since crying is the only way your baby will be able to “communicate” with you for some time, they’d better be really good at it!

Babies have hair in the womb

Did you know you have a little Bigfoot inside there! Babies actually grow hair all over their body while they’re developing in utero, well, simply because it keeps them warm and comfortable in the womb. Called lanugo, it’s very much like a fur coat, and sometimes even looks like it! Just about the time they’re almost ready to come out in the world, your baby will start shedding their fur coat into their amniotic fluid… and yep you guessed it, they’ll eat it and it becomes their first poop or meconium as it’s known, which they’ll only poop out when they’re born.

Babies can feel inside the womb

Once their fetal nervous systems develop, babies actually can feel feelings of pleasure and pain. So it isn’t just a reflex action when pregnant moms stroke their bellies, their baby can feel the nice sensation of being loved too! That’s why, later in the pregnancy when baby starts to kick and move, you’ll start to feel how he or she responds to your touch which they had been feeling ever since Day 1! Some babies have even been caught on camera (ultrasound) touching their genitals because they can feel something. Talk about starting young!

Babies can differentiate voices

He or she might not know exactly which one is the one I’ll end up calling Mommy or Daddy later in life, but they’ll definitely recognize a distinct difference between the most commonly heard voices. That’s why it’s important for parents-to-be to talk to your baby while they are still inside. The Bjingles Baby Heartrate Monitor also allows you to record your voices and play them or selected music for baby to listen to when you place it against your womb. And if you just want to listen to what baby has to say in return, plug in your headset or earphones to the monitor and you can listen in to all of baby’s heartbeat, secret movements and kicks! It’s the perfect way to start bonding with your baby before they are born.

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