Parenting Gadgets That Make It All Easy

Parenting Gadgets That Make It All Easy

No matter how much fun is involved in making babies, it is only an uphill task once you have made them. The time that follows actually gets the better of most of us and, believe me, it does prove our mettle if we succeed. But you don’t have to be so hard on yourself. To make parenting easier, here are 10 gadgets that make initial parenting easy.

1. Let’s Start with Fetal Heartbeat Monitors
These kinds are very popular these days, and some of them even come with apps that accompany as part of the complete package. These Monitors are not ultrasound machines but handy little devices that let you listen to and record your unborn baby’s heartbeat in the comfort of your own home These devices are great for bonding with your baby while in your belly.

2. The Wonderful Onesie
Onesies make your babies look absolutely cute, and this one, apart from adding to the cuteness of your baby, monitors the breathing rate, pulse, and the heart rate of the baby. It also tells you your baby’s position. And all that information is sent to your smartphone. So you can always be sure of your baby’s’ activity even when you have someone babysitting him/her.

3. Pregnancy Sound System
If music makes you and your unborn baby happy, here is the gadget that you will really love. No, it is not headphones, it is a wrap around belly belt with a built-in sound system. Just wear it and let it play.

4. Electric Breast Pump
There’s nothing like mother’s milk for your baby, So, for those situations when you may not be available to breastfeed your baby, you can use a handy electric breast pump to pump your breast milk, and feel good that your baby is able to enjoy the benefits of breast milk. With the Electric Breast Pumps you feel comfortable pumping milk, as if your bundle of joy is suckling at it. Most are pretty handy and can be used anywhere.

5. Self Warming Feeding Bottle
This is just what moms want for the babies who are not being breast fed – a bottle that is self warming. With these bottles the little ones get warm milk every time, without the need for a microwave.

6. Smart Monitor
These monitors are really smart. They just have to be placed in the child’s proximity and they will enable you to hear and talk to the baby remotely. These monitors know just when to warn you with their automatic noise and movement alerts. Not only that, you can also turn on the nightlights, and even play music on them.

7. White Noise Machine
It has been proven that infants sleep better amidst womb-like noises than in silence. You can now get home a machine that plays such natural noises that lull your baby to sleep in a jiffy.

8. Pacifier Thermometers
Isn’t it painful to use rectal thermometers on your delicate darlings? So, don’t do it. A new innovation that you must try is a pacifier with a built-in thermometer.

9. Audio and Video Monitor
If you like to keep extra vigilant, you must invest in an audio video monitor which comes in two units – one that stays in your baby’s room and the other with you. The best ones even work in the dark So, parenting may be an uphill task, but you could surely use some climbing aids.

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