How is the Bjingles Monitor different than the prescription ones?

The Bjingles Monitor is not a medical or prescription device. It is designed to be used at home only by expectant parents. One great advantage of it is that it creates a wonderful bonding with your baby. Some expectant parents are very anxious, and want to make sure that their baby is moving, kicking, and progressing well in the belly. Bjingles Monitor is just the answer to that sense of anxiety, and provides a great feeling of comfort and happiness to the expectant parents, as well as the family members.

The Bjingles Monitor comes with a headset and a set of earbuds, so two people can listen to the baby simultaneously. Furthermore, it also comes with a recording cable that you can use to record your baby’s heartbeat on your computer and share it with your family and friends through Social Media, as well as email.

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