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How to Take Care of Your Newborn? Here are a Few Tips!

How to Take Care of Your Newborn? Here are a Few Tips!

Taking care of your baby starts the day you hear the news of your pregnancy. This is the time when you need to ensure that you keep all your appointments with your Obgyn, and follow the guidance of the doctor properly, to prevent any issues during the pregnancy. It is also a good idea to invest in a baby heartbeat monitor, the one specifically that I would recommend is the “Bjingles Baby Heartbeat Monitor”, which helps you to listen and monitor your unborn’s heartbeat and other movements starting at 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Taking care of a newborn can be kind of overwhelming. If this is your first baby, it can be even more challenging, specially, because you have been used to taking care of yourself for a long time, and with the arrival of the newborn, you have the responsibility to take care of all the needs of the baby, as she is completely dependent on you. Communication with the newborn is extremely difficult, and her only mode of communicating with you is through crying, which could mean a lot of things. It could mean that she is hungry, and needs to be fed. It could mean she is wet, and needs to be changed. It could also mean, her stomach is hurting, and she needs that taken care of, and many other things.

So, if you are blessed with a little one and need a piece of advice to take good care of your baby, here are a few things that you must do

The very first essential advice for you is to take a deep breath and the second is stay relaxed!

As your baby is totally dependent on you and your partner, it is important for both of you to stay calm and relaxed, as the baby can feel and recognize your anxiety.

So, after you bring your newborn home from the hospital, first, thing you need to determine is your baby’s sleep time. Generally, newborns sleep up to 20 hours a day the first few weeks, but unfortunately, not in large chunks! So, you have to be on your toes to look after her needs as there is no fixed time when the baby will be hungry or when she will be up and ready for some play time.

New born eat quite often as their tummies are small, but their nutritional needs are big. So, if you are there around your baby every hour of every day to feed her, it’s not unusual. Remember, every time a baby cries, it is not associated with hunger. It could be that her diaper needs to be changed, so make sure to check the diaper.
If that’s not the problem, try swaddling (wrapping tightly in a receiving blanket). This is because newborns are used to the tight confines of the womb. So, if your baby is crying because you are holding her loosely, then, this option could help the situation. Another option would be to put the baby in a car seat and take her for a drive, or try other parent-tested options.
Besides this, another important thing to remember is that you should get used to washing your baby very gently and carefully. Initially, until baby’s umbilical cord stump falls off, you must wipe the baby’s face, and hands with a soft clean wash cloth.
Once the baby is one month old, you can start with the usual bathing process. First, you need to fill the basin or sink with warm water. Next, you need to make sure that baby wash, shampoo, washcloth, and towels are near you before you undress the baby.
Once you are ready with all the things at hand, hold your baby against one arm and slowly lower her into the water while holding her carefully. Make sure not to lose your grip from the baby and with the other hand, wet the washcloth and start the bathing process.
Once you are done, lift the baby out of the tub and lay her on the towel. Wrap her securely in a towel take the baby for dressing and diapering.
So, handling a newborn wasn’t so hard, was it?

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