How to Avoid Sibling Rivalry with the Arrival of a New Born Baby?

How to Avoid Sibling Rivalry with the Arrival of a New Born Baby?

While the news of a newborn baby bring joy and celebration to the parents and the whole family,   it may be kind of difficult and different for the older sibling. Yes, you read it right! Difficult and Different- because the newborn may take all the love, care and attention in the family, which previously, the older sibling was completely entitled to. The feeling of being jealous of the newborn is obvious among many siblings, which leads to serious consequences in the future. Thus the need to deal with it early becomes important for the parents if they want to avoid rivalry between the siblings in the future.
If you are experiencing this problem, here are a few effective tips that you can use to prevent the sibling rivalry –

Create a Bond between the Older Sibling  and the Newborn Before its Birth
The best way to make the older sibling bond with the newborn before its birth is by making the child listen to the unborn’s heartbeat and kicks. You can make this possible by using a fetal Doppler by Bjingles, which can be used starting at 16 weeks of pregnancy.
When the older sibling gets to listen and feel the unborn baby’s heartbeat and kicks in the mother’s womb, the child feels excited and happy, and looks forward to the new baby’s arrival, and the bond between the two starts to build.

Create a Bond between the Older Sibing and the Newborn Before its Birth

Stop making Comparisons
All children are different with their own personalities, likes and dislikes, and habits, so it is essential for the parents to keep that in mind, and never compare their two children to each other, or ask one to follow the other. Even though the parents have good intentions to help the child learn from the other, the child can experience low self esteem due to it, and there could be a serious rivalary between the kids and can have critical consequences when they grow up.

All children are different with their own personalities

Allow Older Child to Engage in the Activities of the Newborn
Besides creating a bond between the older child and the newborn before birth, parents should allow the older child to take some initiatives for the newborn. This would include, allowing them to hold the baby, help with feeding, changing the diaper, sing a song for the baby, and various other activities associated with the newborn. This allows them to connect with the infant and accept the newborn as the new family member.

Go through the Old Pictures
Never neglect the older child. Parents should make a point to do the same things with the older child as they used to do before the newborn. They should make time to sit with the older child and look through older pictures. The pictures will make your child feel happy and understand why the infant needs more attention and care from the parents.

Make the Older Child feel like a Star
After the birth of the infant, make your firstborn child feel special. Hug him/her tight and make them feel the happiness of the newborn. Offer a gift and tell him/her that it is from the newborn.

Make the Older Child feel like a Star
You can also ask other family members to greet the firstborn before moving ahead to meet the infant. Allow your husband, other family members and guests to talk about how lucky the first born has been for them. This will make your older child feel special and honored, and help avoid jealousy for the infant.

Sibling rivalry is a very common problem and might lead to devastating results if parents do not take initiatives at an early stage. These initiatives help, and assure the older child that he/she  is equally special as the newborn, and prevents sibling rivalry in the future. So, if you are also facing the same problem, make sure to follow these points. The best strategy is to start right from the early stages, and continue to adhere to the above information to prevent sibling rivalry, and ensure a happy and loving family environment.  Buying a Bjingles Baby Heartbeat Monitor/ also known as a Doppler,  is optimal as it will allow you and your older child to connect with the unborn before its birth.

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