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Ways to Guess If Your Baby is a Boy or a Girl

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When you’re at your 20-week mark of your pregnancy, you can usually go to your gynaecologist and get a sneak peek into whether you’ll be buying dresses or not for your newborn. Some parents even get their doctor to let someone else know the gender before they do, and have an exciting gender reveal party where friends and family can enjoy the revelation together.
But say you decided not to find out so early and have chosen to wait until birth to discover the gender of your baby. You could have a lot of fun guessing the gender based on myths and old wives’ tales! Here are some that might be fun to think about.

High or low

The way your belly sits, according to legend, can determine the gender of your baby. If your belly sits high, then it’s a girl. If it’s low, then it must be a boy! This is something really common and you might have even heard people tell you this already.

Sweet or salty

They say that what you crave during pregnancy might give you a clue as to the gender too. If you’re constantly craving sweets and chocolates, then you might be having a girl. After all, don’t they also say that “little girls are made of sugar and spice, and everything nice”? If you’re constantly craving salty and savoury foods and snacks like potato chips though, you could be welcoming a boy.

Bright or dull

We’re talking pee here. Yeah, it’s not the nicest way to check your baby’s gender, that’s for sure! But rumour has it that if your pee looks bright, you’re having a girl, whereas if it looks dull, you might be having a boy. Doesn’t it depend on how much water you drink, you might think? Hey, ask those old wives who came up with these tales! Apparently it can also apply to your hair (on your head). If you’re having glossy bright locks, it could be a boy, whereas if your hair looks dull and in need of a wash, it could be a girl. Again, yes, this might depend on how often you shower!

Dry or smooth

Your skin, that is! Myths say that carrying a boy will dry up your skin, whereas if you’re continuing to enjoy silky smooth skin, then it’s a girl that’s in there.

Puke or not

If you’re constantly finding your head in the toilet bowl in your first trimester, legend has it that it’s your baby girl that’s making your feel so sick all the time. Your baby boy won’t do that, or so they say, and you’ll get through your pregnancy without a queasy feeling at all.

Garlicky or not

Say you eat a whole plate of aglio olio with a huge heaping of garlic, do you end up smelling garlicky? They say that if you can get away with it then you’re having a girl, whereas if you start stinking up the room with a garlic stench then it’s probably a boy that you’re getting.

Pretty or not

Do you wake up in the morning, catch yourself in the mirror and feel really unattractive? You might be having a girl. They say that a little girl might steal her mother’s looks! Whereas if it was a boy that you were carrying, you might even feel prettier and have a radiant pregnancy glow.

Moody or not

Girls make you emotional, or so they say. If you’re watching a movie and you cry extra more than normal and wonder if it’s just the pregnancy hormones, hey maybe it also points at you having a little baby girl. Boys are more chill, so you won’t feel extra emotional than normal. (Or so they say.)

Circles or back and forth

This is an old method of telling genders that goes way back across many different cultures. You hold a pin on a string and dangle it above the mother’s open palm. If it circles enthusiastically, then you’re having a girl. If it moves back and forth in a straight line very obviously, then you’re most likely going to have a boy. (If you do it a few times, it could even tell you the genders of your children in future in succession, and that’s how many kids you’ll have until it stops!) Is there truth to it? It’s fun to try!

Fast or slow

They say your little girl’s heartbeat will sound like an express bullet train at above 140ppm, while your son might be more of a steam train, below 140ppm.

While none of these old wives’ tales have actually been proven to be accurate, it’s always fun to have a gander at guessing the gender! One thing that you can tell for sure, is that your little boy or little girl inside is growing well, with the Bjingles Baby Heartbeat Monitor. And while that heartbeat won’t exactly tell you if you’re expecting a boy or girl, you’ll always feel happy to be able to hear that little “badumbadum” and feel close to them. Enjoy your pregnancy!

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