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The market is saturated with all kinds of baby products, and products pregnant women need to prepare for their baby, and products that are great gifts for baby showers. But very few of them come from a place of care, or create an unbreakable bond between mother and baby.

Baby tech company NK American Way, LLC. came into existence in 2015, and it was the baby of a very motivated entrepreneur. With 15 years of healthcare experience, and a keen involvement in a major infant program started by Children Medical Services (CMS), the owner started the company to create something that would help new mothers and moms-to-be bond and interact with their baby before and after birth in a meaningful and happy way.

Thus, Bjingles was born. Here’s a few reasons why you’ll find it amazing, just like all these other happy and satisfied customers who swear by Bjingles.

You get to hear your baby and share it with loved ones

My heart melted as I listened to my grandson’s heartbeat and heard him kick!

It has become a family affair and my older children love to hear their sister’s heartbeat!

Don’t underestimate the intense joy you’ll feel when you hear your baby’s heartbeat and not just that, but also their kicks and movements – even hiccups! The Bjingles Baby Heartbeat Monitor comes with not only a set of headphones plus earplugs, but also a recording function that allows you to save the audio in mp3 format or to your phone. That way, everyone from grandma and grandpa to that lady behind you in aisle six can get in on sharing your joy and excitement!

You get peace of mind

What an amazing gift, the gift of peace of mind!

Definitely worth the price to be able to listen whenever you want reassurance, or to feel connected!

Amazing and so comforting having this at home for those impatient (waiting for the next ultrasound) and panicky mamas out there like me 🙂

For couples who might have gone through a previous miscarriage, words cannot express the peace of mind they feel when they monitor their baby’s development each and every day. But many parents have also expressed how the Bjingles Baby Heartbeat Monitor has helped them check on baby even before their first official doctor’s visit, or during those long waits in between gynecologist appointments. No more wondering, you can listen in on exactly how baby is doing, anytime you want, right from the comfort of your own home.

You get to bond with your baby

We listen to our baby’s heartbeat once a week as something to look forward to until our little one is born!

I was 6 weeks and I couldn’t wait to try it – to my delight within a minute I had found the heartbeat. My little sweet pea sounds like a steam engine right now!

We are 9 weeks along and surprise surprise we could hear the woosh woosh way faster than my wife’s heartbeat. Thank you Bjingles for providing an amazing moment and many moments to come.

Though the recommendation is to try at your 16th week of pregnancy, many customers who have tried the Bjingles Baby Heartbeat Monitor earlier in their pregnancy have enjoyed great results! This premium device gives parents-to-be an undeniable feeling of closeness to their unborn baby, when they listen to all the little sounds he or she makes inside. But another great function this device offers is that you can “reply” to your little one! Simply download the accompanying Bjingles app and you play soothing jingles for your baby by placing your phone on your tummy!

It allows you to fully enjoy your pregnancy

Wife was skeptical but after one use she was so thankful! It has definitely helped reduce her anxiety!

In between the time when you first stop feeling sick and first start feeling the baby kick, you can wonder if everything is okay. This is a wonderful reassurance. It is really modern science made accessible.

This will help whenever she has a freakout thinking she squashed him in her sleep!

We completely understand that between barfing and the aches and pains, you might not feel at your best or most confident while being pregnant! But being able to listen to your baby relieves whatever anxiety you might be feeling, like questioning if what you’re eating or doing affects baby negatively. Hearing your baby also reminds you what you’re hanging in there for. Suddenly everything will seem a little bit more manageable! The Bjingles app also has features that allow you to measure and capture your growing belly with tummy pix and a pregnancy album.

It eases your newborn into their new life

Life outside the womb is so vastly different for your baby, but letting them hear familiar sounds can help put them at ease during their transition. The Bjingles app allows you to record and play special messages for your baby while he or she is still inside you, and later for your newborn, such as the jingles, lullabies or Mommy and Daddy’s voices that can soothe and comfort them. And since it’s on your phone, you don’t have to wait until you go home, it works right after birth when you’re still in the hospital!

With so many reasons, it’s no wonder Bjingles is fast becoming every mother’s favorite baby tech company!