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Fun Ways to Keep Track of Your Baby’s Development throughout Your Pregnancy

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From the first minute you find out you’re having a baby, till the moment you actually hold your baby in your arms, while it lasts a few months, it could feel like an eternity. During this time, it’s great to get excited about how your baby is growing and developing while your body is hard at work. Here are a few fun ways to do it and develop a close bond with your unborn baby!

Bump thump

One of the most amazing ways you can “see” or rather, hear, how your baby is doing is by listening in on him or her. The Bjingles Baby Heartbeat Monitor allows you to not only listen but record your baby’s first heartbeats, and also his or her kicks and movements! Because the device is completely safe to use during pregnancy, there’s no stopping you from putting it on your belly and listening to your baby whenever you wish to. You can even share your recordings with friends and family so everyone can share in your excitement!

Weekly stats

When you first go to the doctor, you probably got your and the baby’s weight taken, and also given a picture of the rough image of your baby from your very first ultrasound. Even if you don’t go for a doctor’s visit so often, you can still take your own weight and write it down in a journal. You can also include how you’re feeling each week, whether it’s incredibly nauseous or if you’re having a strange craving! You can even draw how you think your baby might look at each stage! These regular scribblings can make you feel close to your baby as he or she develops inside of you.

Fun photos

Have you ever heard a pregnant lady go, “Oh I’m at 11 weeks, my baby is the size of a lime!” You could easily search online for websites that tell you what sized fruit your baby is probably like at that particular week of growth. So why not go all out and take pictures of those fruits against your growing belly? It’s fun, shows your friends and family exactly how your baby is doing, and it will create an album to remember! The Bjingles monitor also comes with a Bjingles app that includes a digital pregnancy album for you to store your photos. It also has a feature that helps you take tummy pics with different filters to choose from.

Art masterpieces

There has been a great deal of art dedicated to women and especially pregnant women, so why not create your own art masterpieces? Belly moulding has become really popular lately, where women who are preggers make a cast of their full belly, usually at the end of their pregnancy. What a souvenir of your pregnancy cast in stone, or in this case, plaster, quite literally! You can also get your partner or your older children to use clay to mould a figurine of your pregnant self. Another idea is to get them to take a photo of you, but keep only your silhouette and make yourself into a cut out. Grab a bunch of these silhouettes and you’ve got a not only beautiful but meaningful art piece for your baby’s nursery room.

Family photo shoot

As a mother-to-be, you are pretty much the star during the entire pregnancy – that is, until your baby steals the limelight! So why not spoil yourself silly with a little professional photo shoot with your partner and even your other children? Pregnancy is a beautiful time (minus the puking and swollen feet and back aches, we swear!) so why not capture it in a most beautiful way? You get to choose the locations, the backdrop, and even the style of photography, so that it is in every way, personal and meaningful. Without saying, these photos will make an amazing memory for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Before you know it, you’ll say goodbye to your ginormous tummy and hello to your gorgeous baby, and everyone around you will fuss over your precious little one too. So why not take advantage of those few months and cherish every moment of your pregnancy in whatever fun way you choose? Enjoy!