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You might have seen that some must-haves for pregnant women usually include vitamin supplements, yoga pants and maybe a pregnancy bra that grows with your boobs. But we have a couple of also very necessary things that will make those nine months not only easier to bear, but also more meaningful!

Baby Heartbeat Monitor

Remember that feeling when you saw your little one moving during your first ultrasound? That’s probably the moment when you felt a wave of emotions gush over you, being able to feel close to your baby and know he or she’s doing okay in there. To experience that wonderful feeling of closeness in your own home, why not get yourself a baby heartbeat monitor? Not only can you listen to your baby’s heartbeat, you can also record it and share it with friends and family – perhaps even as a surprising birth announcement? (“Can you hear what’s coming?”) With some baby heartbeat monitors, like Bjingles, you can even hear baby’s first movements, and play him or her music while she’s still relaxing in the womb. Also, parents who might have previously had angel babies at any stage of pregnancy before would especially appreciate being able to check on baby periodically and enjoy peace of mind when it comes to baby’s development and well-being.

Body Support

Your body is going through all kinds of weird things you never even knew it could do. You even grow a whole new organ – the placenta – that you otherwise would never have! Growing a baby is tough work and it surely takes a toll on your body, and aches and pains are the daily norm. The good news is that there are all kinds of support bands available for mums-to-be these days. Groin bands help to kinda hold everything in down there when it feels like it’s almost falling out. When you feel like you need to hold your belly with two hands just to get to the store, pregnancy support belts really ease the “weightlifting” and also help relieve some abdominal and back pain. Especially if you’re having more than one baby and gravity isn’t exactly helping that humongous tummy of yours, you can even opt for shoulder bands. They’re just like suspenders but instead of holding your pants up, they hold baby up!

Pregnancy Apps & Forums

Not kidding about this one! Whether at home or on your mobile phone, being able to go online, join pregnancy forums or groups, and talk to other expectant mothers, just could be the thing that makes your pregnancy a breeze. You’ll have a whole support group of women going through the same things, who will understand when you have some bad days, or when you’re worried about certain things, or when you just want to swop stories. There are tons of FB pregnancy groups you can join as well. And when you want to know more about your baby’s development in there, you can always check out baby apps that list baby’s updates weekly. Not to mention, you’ll always know what fruit baby is the size of right then!
Some of the top apps to look out for

  • Bjingles Baby app – You can use this app to record your unbaby’s heartbeats, kicks, etc or use it to select from a variety of jingles to put your baby to sleep. The complete app from pre-birth to motherhood.
  • My Pregnancy today – BabyCenter’s classic pregnancy tracker and baby development calendar app is a day-by-day, week-by-week guide through your pregnancy
  • BabyBump Pregnancy Pro -Provides daily and weekly details about your growing baby, a due date countdown, weight and belly measurement trackers, pregnancy forums, and a baby names guide
  • Pregnancy Due Date Calculator – This app will calculate your baby’s due date, the likely date of conception, how far along you are, and when you’ll hit the end of your first trimester
Pregnancy journal

It might seem like nine whole long months, but when it’s over, you’ll feel like it just whizzed by and you forgot all those moments that seemed like dramatic milestones then. But if you had written down all those little fleeting moments in a pregnancy journal, you’d have something to look back on even years down the road – and maybe even when they’ve all flown the coop! Documenting doesn’t have to be tedious – there are plenty of beautifully designed pregnancy journals with helping questions that you just have to fill in such as baby’s first kicks and what cravings you might have. Since a pregnant woman’s emotions can sometimes also be all over the place, writing how you feel at that moment in a journal can also help you gather yourself and your thoughts, and feel more at peace.

A good lotion

Your belly skin might get itchy as it stretches, so investing in a really good lotion is worth it. Get an organic lotion and make sure you read the label to ensure it is safe during pregnancy. Cocoa butter, shea lotion are all good choices. Amazon has some amazing baby safe lotions you could check out.
Ok so maybe these weren’t exactly the kind of things you were expecting to read, we know, tennis balls! But we hope that these things help you and baby stay happy and healthy throughout your pregnancy. We would recommend coconut or shea butter