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Fetal Heart Rate Monitor with Bjingles

Fetal Heart Rate Monitor with Bjingles

Wouldn’t it be magical to hear your baby’s heartbeat? Read on to learn more about fetal heart rate monitor and how you can use it to listen to your baby’s heartbeat whenever you like.

What is fetal heart rate monitoring?

Fetal heart rate monitoring is a process of assessing your unborn baby’s well-being during pregnancy, by monitoring his or her heart rate. A special device called fetal heart rate monitor is used to listen to your baby’s heart rate and enjoy every moment of it.

What are the benefits of fetal heart rate monitoring?

Fetal heart monitoring helps a mom to ensure that her unborn is progressing well in the belly, and gives her the peace of mind of the baby’s optimal development. As you listen to your baby’s heartbeat and other movements, you realize how precious your baby is, and the memories of the time you spend listening to those amazing sounds, stay with you forever. In addition, listening to your baby’s heartbeat using a fetal heart rate monitor creates a special bonding with your unborn baby. It also brings you and your partner closer to each other when you listen to the baby’s heartbeat together.

How to prepare for fetal heart rate monitoring?

It is best to find a comfortable position first before starting the fetal heart rate monitoring process. Furthermore, for best results you should use an ultrasound gel on your belly, and also on the transducer of the monitor. This allows the monitor to move smoothly on the belly. Try the Bjingles Baby Heartbeat Monitor, which has the capability of getting you to listen and record your baby’s heartbeat in the comfort of your own home. You can share these special moments with your family and enjoy those unforgettable and memorable moments together.

The Bjingles Baby Heartbeat Monitor is simple, safe and a convenient way for expectant moms, to check the progress of their pregnancy through monitoring their baby’s heart rate. This brings a calming feeling to the expectant parents, conveying a sense of realization that their baby is progressing well.

The Bjingles Heartbeat Baby Monitor comes with a Bjingles App with a collection of soft jingles, to listen to as you wait to welcome your baby into this world. Get the Bjingles Heartbeat Baby Monitor here.

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