At what stage am I able to hear my baby’s heartbeat?

This really depends on how far along you are in your pregnancy, where the placenta is located in relation to where the baby is situated, and many other variables. If you try to locate the baby’s heartbeat before 7-8 weeks, it is next to impossible to locate it using the monitor. This is because the baby is still very small, and the heartbeat is very faint to detect. So, we recommend starting at about 14-16 weeks, so the baby has grown a little, and the heartbeat is also stronger. The first time you try, and cannot hear the baby’s heartbeat, don’t be discouraged. Try again in a couple of days.

How is the Bjingles Monitor different than the prescription ones?

The Bjingles Monitor is not a medical or prescription device. It is designed to be used at home only by expectant parents. One great advantage of it is that it creates a wonderful bonding with your baby. Some expectant parents are very anxious, and want to make sure that their baby is moving, kicking, and progressing well in the belly. Bjingles Monitor is just the answer to that sense of anxiety, and provides a great feeling of comfort and happiness to the expectant parents, as well as the family members.

The Bjingles Monitor comes with a headset and a set of earbuds, so two people can listen to the baby simultaneously. Furthermore, it also comes with a recording cable that you can use to record your baby’s heartbeat on your computer and share it with your family and friends through Social Media, as well as email.

How do you use the Bjingles App for the Bjingles Monitor?

Bjingles App is a real cool app that is included free with the Bjingles Monitor. It comes with a collection of jingles which allows you to choose the soft instrumental songs that you like from the app, and enjoy them with your unborn baby by placing your phone close to your belly (who knows your baby maybe the next Beethoven). You can continue enjoying the Bjingles App, even after your baby is born, and cherish those wonderful moments for life. You can download this FREE app from the Android and Apple App stores.

Will I be able to hear my own heartbeat with the Bjingles Monitor?

Absolutely, you can do that, and it is a good idea to do that because, this way you can determine the difference between yours and your baby’s heartbeat, and also confirm that the monitor is working perfectly. Remember, your baby’s heartbeat is twice as fast as yours, so if you have heard your own heartbeat, then it is easy for you to recognize and differentiate between the two heartbeats.

What kind of gel should be used to ensure that the monitor works well?

In order for the Bjingles Monitor to work well, it is important to use some kind of non-colored gel, Aloe Vera/ or KY Gel. Some other alternatives that you can use, that you usually have available in the home, are Coconut oil, Vaseline, Baby Oil, or Olive oil. Without using any lubricants, you will hear a lot of static when you move the Monitor around on your belly. Be sure to use a good amount of gel/lubricant, to have a good experience with your Bjingles Monitor.

I just got my monitor and am trying to use it, but cannot hear my baby’s heartbeat. I am 17 weeks pregnant?

The first thing you will need to do is check if the plastic wrapper on the battery is taken off. Very often we hear that people did not take the wrapper off from the 9 volt battery in the battery compartment, and therefore, battery does not connect to the monitor, and it is not turning on. So, please check that, and correct it as necessary.

So, assuming that battery connection is not the issue, please make sure to put the monitor on, all the way, and see the green light come on. Make sure the headset and earbuds are plugged all the way into the monitor. Then put the monitor to your own heart and listen to the sounds of your heartbeat. If you can hear it then you are fine. It means that the device is working alright. If after a few attempts you have not found your heartbeat, please contact us through our “Feedback” tab, on Bjingles.com, and we will be more than happy to resolve your issue for you.

So, assuming that you were able to hear your own heartbeat, now put the Bjingles Monitor on your belly, and move it very slowly to ensure that you can detect the baby’s heartbeat, as the baby’s heart is very small with a very soft heartbeat. If you do not hear the baby’s heartbeat, don’t get disappointed. Try again in a couple of days. You will be extremely happy to hear your baby’s heartbeat.