About us

NK American Way, LLC. came into existence in 2015 to sell baby products online. You may think why baby products. Well, the owner of the company has spent over 15 years in the healthcare industry, and a good portion of the time overseeing a major infant program at one of the State Offices, started by Children Medical Services (CMS). This program promotes the health and wellness of Florida’s mothers to be, and their newborn babies, so that they lead healthier and fulfilling lives. This is the program that piqued the interest of the owner to come up with the idea of creating her own baby products, and that is how “ Bjingles” came into being.

We have a great feeling that the products produced by “Bjingles” will definitely help the new mothers and mothers to be, and will provide them great happiness.

Our First Product is Bjingles Baby Heartbeat Monitor. This is a product that allows you the ability to listen and record your unborn baby’s heartbeat, hiccups and kicks, in the comfort of your own home. A mom can record her own heartbeat also, and play it back to help soothe and calm the new born baby.

Something Cool: Bjingles Baby Heart Monitor also comes with its own app, with a collection of jingles, which allows you to choose the music that you like, and enjoy it with your unborn baby by placing your phone close to your belly (who knows you might have the next Beethoven). You can continue enjoying the Bjingles app even after the baby is born. The Bjingles app is available on the app stores of Apple and Android phones.

You can contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the products, and we will be happy to ensure your problem is resolved to your satisfaction. You can also send us an email at nkamericanway@bjingles.com

Thank you for choosing Bjingles.

Bjingles brand is produced under the company name NK American Way, LLC. Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved
Located at 555 NE 15 St. Suite 28H, Miami, FL 33132