The Advantages of Checking your Baby’s Heartbeat with a Fetal Heart Rate Monitor

The Advantages of Checking your Baby’s Heartbeat with a Fetal Heart Rate Monitor

The news of being expecting brings joy to a couple that is waiting to hear those words “we are expecting”. But with that comes some fear and anxiety. You need every kind of help out there in order to walk through this experience with gleeful memories rather than the painful ones. According to research, your partner’s availability is one factor that makes pregnancy easier as you feel that he is there to support you and be there for you. The other factor that comes into play is when you want to find out- how is my baby progressing in my belly? Of course, you would go to your doctor for your prenatal visits and ensure that the baby is doing well, but what about the times when it’s not yet time for your next appointment, and you feel the urge to just hear your baby’s heartbeat and other movements? With the progress of technology, you are now able to easily do that by using a fetal heart rate monitor, right in the comfort of your own home, even before the baby has entered this world. Amazing- Isn’t it?

The device specifications

Before we get into the reasons and advantages of using the fetal heart rate monitor, we should look at the ways the device works. You can simply place the baby listening device on your belly and plug in the earphones. You have two jacks available, so you and your partner can listen to the baby simultaneously. The fetal heart rate monitor has the ability to record the heartbeat to your computer as well,which you can listen to whenever you feel like it. This is one of the best gifts for a pregnant woman as she can bond with her baby even before he or she has entered the world. The fetal heart rate monitor also comes with a Bjingles Musical app which can be downloaded easily from the Apple and Android stores. You can enjoy the jingles with your child even after he or she is born.

So, here are the Advantages of checking your baby’s heartbeat with a fetal heart rate monitor

There are many physical and psychological advantages of using a fetal heart rate monitor. The first and foremost advantage is the actual hearing of a living being that you have been blessed with. A fetal heart rate monitor gives you joy like no other listening device, not even the one playing your favorite song. Some of the other advantages of using a fetal heart rate monitor include:


Since the baby’s heartbeat audio can be recorded and downloaded on a playable device, you can use the recordings to de-stress yourself every time pregnancy gets on your nerves.

Bonding experience

This is the best part of using a fetal heart rate monitor. You can bond with your unborn baby even before he/she puts out the first cry, and cherish the memories for a lifetime. What an amazing and unforgettable feeling this is.

Future reference

After your baby is born, is a little older, and starts running a havoc in the house, you may need some motivation to pass through this phase. You can listen to an old recording of your baby’s heartbeat that you saved during your pregnancy with the fetal heart rate monitor. The recording will motivate you in realizing that even though the time of pregnancy was challenging, which you passed with flying colors, the same way you will be able to successfully bring up your baby, and enjoy that happiness with your family.

Bonding with your partner

Since the fetal heart rate monitor has two jacks, you can listen to your baby with your partner. Listening to your baby together can also be once in a lifetime experience that you both should share and enjoy.

The post birth happiness

The fetal heart rate monitor comes with a Bjingles app that has a collection of soft jingles for you and your baby. You can listen to them while your baby is in your belly,and even after he comes into the world. Reading the above information will surely motivate you to Shop for a Baby Heartbeat Monitor, which you can easily get through f

Bonding with your baby through the beat connection

Bonding with your baby through the beat connection

With technology taking over our lives, families are growing apart. We no longer even have the same traditional kind of birthday parties for our kids like our parents had for us. So, a lot has changed, and therefore, the earlier you start bonding with your children, the better, so it creates that great closeness with them, which you can cherish forever.The amazing thing is that-with the technology advancement, you don’t have to wait to bond until the baby is older- you can bond with the baby even when he/she is in your womb.This is possible through a Fetal Heart Rate Monitor which enables you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat, kicks and other movements, in the comfort of your home, and enjoy every moment of it.The Baby Doppler is a simple listening device that can be placed on your belly and you can listen to the heartbeat through the earphones that come with the device. The Fetal heart rate monitor is capable of catering to two earphones. This effectively means that you can listen to the baby’s heartbeat along with your partner, and make this a memorable experience which will last you a lifetime.

The Beat Connection

Listening to the heart beat of your baby is equivalent to hearing your child calling you mom for the first time. In the olden days recording things was not as easy as it is today. But now you can record your baby’sheartbeat through the Baby Doppler to your computer, and hear it at any time you like, even when you are on the go. It is a known fact that you fall in love with your baby every time you listen to your baby’s heartbeat recording. After all,childbirth is a miracle and you are the one making it possible.

Is It Safe?

The Baby Doppler operates on a very low power and frequency which essentially means that itisverysafeto use. This is the reason that now your standard gift on baby showers should be a Pregnancy Heart Monitor. It is even greatto tell all the pregnant moms-to-be about this amazing device, so they can enjoy listening to their baby’s heartbeat, and cherish the experience forever.

The Device is Completely Safe

Go through its instruction manual and it’s website to understand how the baby listening device operates. Moreover, there are certain tipsthat you must keep in mind while using the Unborn Baby heartbeat monitor. The first tipis touse the ultrasound gel on the belly before placing the Baby Doppler there. The next tipis related to the switching-on procedure. Always switch the device on before placing it on the belly, and adjust the volume according to your comfort level. Moreover, the more you practice, the easier it will be for you to find the heartbeat. Do see a licensed healthcare practitioner even while using the Baby Doppler as the product is not a substitute for a real doctor visit, rather, just a listening device.